Tonight... Eyes down for a full house with Charlie Hides - in their living room!

Tonight... Eyes down for a full house with Charlie Hides - in their living room!
Posted on 25 Mar 2020

Drag star Charlie Hides is inviting stay-at-home Brits to get their eyes down for a full house this evening.

Charlie will be hosting Isolation Bingo Live (from their living room) at 7pm this evening, and they're keen for as many people as possible to join in the fun...  

“Are you self isolating? Hunkering down? Sheltering in place?” asks Charlie. “Wanna play Bingo with people from around the world?

“All of my live shows have been cancelled for the foreseeable future, so we'll be singing, dancing, kiki'ing and carrying on live from my living room. James ‘from the car’ will be on the decks, providing the music, and Colin, our faithful Frenchie, will be offering virtual cuddles.

“You could win a stunning pair of eye lashes from The Wig Mistress, a gorgeous wig From Websters Wigs.

“The grand prize includes a four pack of luxury quilted toilet paper - as well as a £50 Amazon Gift Card!

“Join me on FB LIVE later today. I've hit my ‘friend’ limit so just ‘follow me’ - I'll send you the link when you purchase your ticket.

“Gather your family and housemates together, pour a glass of something refreshing and let's play Bingo!

“Expect FB Live to start at approx 6:50pm.

“Once you purchase your ticket, I will e-mail you your unique Bingo Card, which you can print or mark by opening on a second device....or you can use a pencil and paper to copy it to allow you to play along.

“We will be playing UK BINGO, which is numbers 1 to 90.

“Oh, and now for the legal bit... £4.50 of the ticket price goes towards the entertainment, production and any performances that happen throughout the show. 

"Fifty pence of the ticket solely goes towards the participation of Bingo. All stakes will be maintained in a segregated account and the entirety of the sums staked will be paid out in prizes to winning participants.

“Ooh, and one other thing - age restriction is 14, cos I sometimes have a potty mouth!"


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