Tatchell: semen-eating anal worm 'gay cure' mirrors Nazis

Tatchell: semen-eating anal worm 'gay cure' mirrors Nazis
Posted on 24 Apr 2019

LGBT rights campaigner Peter Tatchell has described a Kuwaiti academic’s attempt to ‘cure’ homosexuality by exterminating a semen-eating anal worm as ‘another outrageous Islamic-inspired attempt’ to eradicate same-sex desires​ by ‘mirroring failed Nazi attempts’ to cure gayness.

Speaking on Scope TV, Mariam Al-Sohel had said: “I discovered therapeutic suppositories that curb the sexual urges of boys of the third gender [feminine gay men], as well as the fourth gender, which is butch lesbians.”

Claiming her cure for homosexuality is ‘all science, so there’s nothing to be ashamed of’, she continued: “The sexual urge develops when a person is sexually attacked. And afterwards it persists because there is an anal worm that feeds on semen. It feeds on sperm.

“So what I did was to produce suppositories, which are to be used by certain people at a certain time. It cures those urges by exterminating the worm that feeds on sperm.”

Al-Sohel also advised gay people to cleanse their body of poisons by eating a balanced diet, claiming that ‘bitter foods increase masculinity’.  

Commenting on the story, Mr Tatchell told the Jerusalem Post: “This takes gay 'conversion therapy' and quack medicine to new heights of absurdity. Anal worms that feed on sperm and make men gay? Foods that make them masculine and straight?

"This is the most bizarre homophobic nonsense that I have heard in ages. On a sinister level, it is another outrageous Islamic-inspired attempt to eradicate same-sex desires. This academic is mirroring failed Nazi attempts to cure homosexuality.”



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