Seminal movie to show at Birmingham venue as part of curated dining experience

Seminal movie to show at Birmingham venue as part of curated dining experience
Posted on 16 Jan 2020

To celebrate the life and work of late American filmmaker, poet and gay activist Marlon T Riggs (1957 - 1994), CineQ Film Festival and Grand Union are hosting a Birmingham dining experience to accompany an intimate screening of one of Riggs’ most seminal works. 

Tongues Untied - a film that celebrates black men loving black men as a radical act - intercuts footage of poet Essex Hemphill reciting his poetry, Riggs telling the story of his growing up, scenes of men engaging in social intercourse and dancing, and various comic riffs - including a visit to the ‘Institute of Snap!thology’.

The New York Times reviewed the 1989 film as follows: “Throughout this free-form, hour-long personal statement from director Marlon Riggs, the word ‘silence’ persistently resurfaces - a ‘shield’, as Riggs puts it, that protects black gay men like him from harm but also suffocates them over time. As the title suggests, Tongues Untied is Riggs’s effort to raise his voice and speak about his life, including accounts of his experiences battling the twin prejudices of racism and homophobia and of his yearnings for connection to a subculture that exists in the shadows. Riggs’s verbal and visual poetry defy the conventions of the documentary genre, allowing for moments of raw emotional expression and occasional whimsy, like his breakdown of how to translate different ‘snaps’.” 

Hailed as a must-see for any QTIPOC, the movie is being screened alongside the curated dining experience at Birmingham Open Media (BOM) in the city’s Southside district on Saturday 28 March from 6pm to 8pm. 

Tickets are extremely limited and can be purchased at


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