Rainbow roses in support of LGBTQ+ youth homeless

Rainbow roses in support of LGBTQ+ youth homeless
National News
Posted on 7 Feb 2019

This Valentine's Day, Morrisons florists are celebrating All Love by launching one of the UK's most colourful flowers - The Rainbow Rose. It will be available in Morrisons stores from 11 February. The rainbow is used worldwide to symbolise Pride in the LGBTQ+ community.

The Rainbow Rose costs £4, with 50p going straight to The Albert Kennedy Trust (AKT), a charitable organisation supporting LGBTQ+ youth homeless.

AKT was selected by the supermarket’s LGBTQ+ network.

Developed by Morrisons florists, the roses have been dyed so that each petal displays the colours of the rainbow. To do this, florists cut the rose stems and dip each part into a different coloured water, which is then absorbed by the flower to turn each petal into a different vibrant colour, including blue, yellow, green, violet and pink.

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