LGBT Pride celebrations continue inside with new eight-day online festival

LGBT Pride celebrations continue inside with new eight-day online festival
Posted on 29 Jun 2020

Following on from Saturday’s Global Pride event, Amnesty International, UK Black Pride, Stonewall and ParaPride have joined forces to present a week of online LGBT celebrations.

Running until next Sunday (5 July), the organisations’ Pride Inside initiative sees artists, musicians, comedians, DJs and activists come together for a series of performances, talks and workshops.

Commenting on the online festivities, Sen Raj, Amnesty International’s Rainbow Network committee member, said: “Around the world, the Covid-19 pandemic is having a disproportionate effect on LGBTI+ people, who have been historically discriminated against in their access to healthcare, housing and employment.

“That’s why this year, it’s more important than ever that LGBTI+ people and their allies have a chance to come together, celebrate how far we’ve come as a movement, and support each other where we still have further to go.

“We invite all friends and allies to join us for Pride Inside, to show that we’ll always be proud - no matter what, no matter where.”

Phyll Opoku-Gyimah, Co-Founder & Executive Director of UK Black Pride, said: "We’re excited to share an immersive, thought-provoking, healing and celebratory digital programme that centres conversations of great importance to our communities. 

“And it will be fun. Our lives as LGBTQ people of colour are far more than the sum of our negative experiences with structural, societal and intercommunal discrimination. We are some of the most resilient, joyous and giving people on earth, and Pride Inside is an opportunity for us to come together in support and celebration of each other and our lives."

Stonewall’s Sarah Hagger-Holt said: “Pride season is the highlight of the year for many LGBT people, so it’s been hard to hear that most Prides have had to cancel this year. But this has opened up new ways to bring us together to celebrate and show that defiant spirit our community is known for.

“Pride Inside is a powerful platform that helps bring in and centre marginalised voices in the LGBT community.

“As the coronavirus pandemic risks increasing existing inequalities, it’s never been more important that we all show up for each other and stand together in the name of equality.”

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