LGBT+ domestic abuse has 'more than doubled since lockdown' says organisation

LGBT+ domestic abuse has 'more than doubled since lockdown' says organisation
Posted on 28 Jul 2020

The LGBT Foundation has released sobering statistics which show that LGBT abuse in the UK has more than doubled since lockdown began.

The organisation has cited a significant increase in calls to its helpline and visits to its website as evidence of the growing problem.

A spokesman for the Foundation said: "LGBTQ abuse has more than doubled since lockdown began with a 38% increase in calls to our helpline regarding domestic abuse and a 340% surge in visitors to our domestic abuse webpage. 

"Mental health difficulties, hate crime being isolated with LGBT-phobic family members have become key issues, with referrals into our domestic abuse and substance misuse services rising sharply over the last three months and calls to our crisis helpline around suicidal ideation increasing by 25%. 

“Lockdown has resulted in many LGBTQ people feeling physically unsafe at home with abusive family members or housemates, including 9% of BAME LGBTQ people and 17% of trans and non-binary people.

“This has meant that 22 extra people call our helpline every day at a point of crisis. For people like Zoe, a young trans girl living at home with her transphobic mum, or Tristan, who is stuck living with a roommate who forced him to perform a sexual act on them.”

The Foundation has launched a campaign called Locked Down And Out in an attempt to deal with the issue.


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