LGBT charity launches groundbreaking report on global lesbian, bi & trans exclusion

LGBT charity launches groundbreaking report on global lesbian, bi & trans exclusion
Posted on 31 Jul 2020

LGBT charity Stonewall has launched a report from the Out Of The Margins network - an initiative documenting the profound exclusion facing lesbians, bi women and trans (LBT+) people across the globe.

The network built through the Out Of The Margins project spans 21 countries. Using the United Nations’ 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) as a template, the research documented in the report covered five key areas: economic well-being, health, education, personal security and violence, and civic and political participation.

The network demonstrates the many ways in which LBT+ communities are discriminated against and how their needs are refused, ignored and/or unmet.

The report concludes: “Right across the thematic areas, the case for urgent action and further research is made abundantly clear. Findings demonstrate a need for employers, States and international institutions to recognise and address exclusion in workplaces, public policies, and development programmes and funds. They outline the case for public health practitioners and policymakers to recognise the profound barriers LBT+ communities face in accessing absolutely vital healthcare. Evidence shows an urgent need for teachers, school governors and administrators, parents, and policymakers to create inclusive and safe environments for all children and young people. 

“The research on violence calls for stronger human rights movements, new ways of holding States accountable, and improved and more analytical evidence gathering by researchers, NGOs, States and international institutions. Finally, the data on civic and political participation shows a clear need for LGBT and women’s and feminist movements to stop leaving LBTI+ communities behind -nand emphasises that, for some in these communities, an intersectional approach will be genuinely lifesaving.” 

Commenting on the report, Nancy Kelley, chief executive at Stonewall, said: "This groundbreaking report shines a light on lesbian, bi women and trans (LBT+) communities across the globe whose struggle for equality continues to be largely ignored. Not only does it show the precarious position LBT+ people occupy worldwide, it’s also a testament to their bravery and the work they’re doing on the ground to tackle discrimination, often at considerable personal risk. At Stonewall, we’re working with these international activists to help fight for equality in their countries, and we want you to join us.”

You can download the report here 


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