Global lockdowns increase health risks for LGBT HIV-positive community

Global lockdowns increase health risks for LGBT HIV-positive community
Posted on 26 May 2020

UNAIDS has urged governments to use multi-month dispensing, home deliveries and virtual consultations as a means of ensuring HIV-positive members of the LGBT community across the world have access to the life-saving treatment they need. 

Global lockdowns are preventing some HIV-positive LGBTs from accessing their medication.

Speaking to Reuters, Matteo Cassolato, technical lead for HIV at the charity Frontline AIDS, said: “People living with HIV across the world are having problems to get their regular treatment due to lockdowns, but for groups like the LGBT+ community, it is more challenging due to their vulnerability and the discrimination they face.

“They are being persecuted and arrested in some countries, or stopped by police as they go to collect their medicine and forced to return home. Due to the stigma and homophobia, it is often difficult to explain themselves.”

Although the World Health Organisation has said there is no evidence that people on effective treatment for HIV are at any greater risk of Covid-19, it has warned that those with advanced HIV who are not on treatment have an increased risk of infections and health complications related to the coronavirus.



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