Gay village venues hoping for bumper weekend of business after council’s green light

Gay village venues hoping for bumper weekend of business after council’s green light
Posted on 14 Aug 2020

Gay village venues are readying themselves for what they hope will be a bumper weekend of business after Birmingham City Council (BCC) agreed to temporarily pedestrianise Hurst Street. 

BCC is allowing the road to be pedestrianised for a limited period of time to help the area’s economy get back on its feet after the Covid-19 lockdown period.

The road will be closed to vehicles on Friday in preparation for businesses to make use of the pedestrianised area on Saturday (15 August).

The announcement comes after Southside BID (Business Improvement District) called on the council to provide the area with more support as venues struggle to survive the impact of the coronavirus pandemic. 

Many local businesses have not been eligible for government support during lockdown.

Southside BID last week publicly urged the council to step up to the plate, but said that BCC had actually hampered the district’s attempts to kickstart the local economy - most recently in terms of the Hurst Street pedestrianisation scheme, an initiative aimed at allowing venues to make use of outdoor areas.

The about-turn has come as welcome news to the owners of bars, clubs and restaurants in Southside.

So all that remains now is for the LGBT community, their friends and the people of Birmingham to get themselves down to Hurst Street over the weekend, have a great socially distanced time, and help Southside’s many and varied businesses get back on their feet post-lockdown. 

We’ll see you there!


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