Gay Nottingham YouTuber ‘still in shock’ after starring in Justin Bieber online video

Gay Nottingham YouTuber ‘still in shock’ after starring in Justin Bieber online video
Posted on 16 Jan 2020

A Nottingham YouTube star who shared her coming-out story with her followers has admitted she's "still in shock" after being featured in Justin Bieber's new online video.

Twenty-four-year-old Lucy Alexandra Mearns, known professionally as The Nott'm Lass, appears alongside other Bieber fans in a video showing global reaction to the pop star's new single, Yummy.

And what’s even more exciting for Lucy is that her reaction was selected to open the video.

Speaking to her near-1,000 subscribers, Lucy said: "Justin Bieber is my favourite artist in the world and he has seen my face."

She continued: "I did a reaction video to his latest music video called Yummy. He's created this thing called 'Beliebers React', where he shows snippets of fans' reactions...

"And guess what? My face is shown first.

"Can you imagine my surprise seeing my face on his YouTube channel? I'm still in shock. Justin Bieber knows that I exist. I've been a Belieber for over 10 years and this is the most exciting day of my life."

As well as telling her coming-out story, Lucy also shares LGBTQ dating tips and long-distance gay Tinder advice with her online followers.

In her capacity as The Nott'm Lass, she is also sponsoring all-inclusive local gay rugby team The Nottinghamshire Hurricanes.

Speaking to NottinghamshireLive, she said: "I produce a wide range of videos on my YouTube channel, including a video about student life in Nottingham, interesting facts about Nottingham, Nottingham & the LGBT community, music, cameras, challenges, story times, relatable videos and much more."

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