Coventry councillor urged to resign after calling LGBTs 'promiscuous'

Coventry councillor urged to resign after calling LGBTs 'promiscuous'
Posted on 17 Jan 2020

A Coventry city councillor is under pressure to resign after suggesting LGBTQ people are ‘promiscuous’.

Councillor Glenn Williams, who sits on the council as an independent, also said that two women kissing constituted ‘pornography’.

Speaking at a full council meeting on the subject of same-sex education, he said: “There are a lot of very concerned parents who are worried about what is going to be taught to very young children. 

“Last week, a friend of mine who is very broadminded, telephoned me as her 13-year-old son had come home from school because his teacher had given them tips - I’m sorry, I’m not very comfortable about this - about how to come out, and had shown a video of two women kissing.

“Does Councillor Maton [the cabinet member for education] agree with me that this sort of video, which, bluntly, I regard as pornography, should not be shown in Coventry schools, and that what we should have is a policy which promotes traditional family values; not how to be promiscuous but how to respect traditional family values?”

In response to the comments, Warwickshire Pride tweeted: “Councillor Williams is welcome to participate in our LGBT+ awareness training.

“He will learn that two women kissing is not pornography, that being gay does not equate to being promiscuous (but so what if some people are), and how damaging his views/words are. Shameful behaviour.”

Afterwards responding to the controversy he had generated, Councillor Williams phoned BBC Coventry & Warwickshire to deny being homophobic, saying that his intention had been to voice concerns about the nature of the material being shown to children in school. He also said that he couldn’t be homophobic because he has a gay friend to whom he speaks regularly on the phone.

“I’m not trying to say gay people are bad,” he said. “There are pressure groups infiltrating schools. There’s a lot of evidence across the country, even in neighbouring Warwickshire, where they had to stop a sex education programme because it was too graphic.”

Councillor Williams resigned from the Conservative Party in 2016 after the Coventry Telegraph made public a number of anti-immigration messages he had sent to a colleague, among them one in which he referred to Enoch Powell as a “personal hero”, and another in which he said that people who couldn’t speak English should “go home”. 

Speaking about his admiration for former Midlands MP, the late Enoch Powell, who remains best known for the anti-immigration Rivers of Blood speech which he gave in Birmingham in April 1968, Councillor Williams had previously told the Coventry Telegraph: “People said Enoch Powell was a racialist, but he wasn’t. He made it quite clear what he was saying was nothing to do with race, it is to do quite simply with the numbers in this country.

“We cannot take the numbers that are coming in. That’s why he wanted more control over immigration.”



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