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Posted on 18 Dec 2018

Name: Fierce Fantasy DJs (Leona and Chanelle)
Places of birth: Ashton-under-Lyne and Liverpool
Star signs: Taurus and Scorpio
Ages: 63 and 39

About Leona & Chanelle
Where did you grow up?

Chanelle: Liverpool.
Leona: Ashton-under-Lyne and Australia.

Single or attached?
Together: We’re married. We got married officially in the Lake District in 2016, but we did have a sham wedding in Las Vegas.  Chanelle wanted a goth wedding, but we ended up with a minister as Dead Elvis. It wasn't good.

What makes you happy?  
C: Being with my wife, as she’s also my best friend.
L: Chanelle. She is the best thing that’s happened to me.
What makes you sad?
C: Death. I want to live forever and be a vampire - but none of that Twilight sparkly shit!
L: The age difference between Chanelle and I.

What makes you angry?
Both: FAKE PEOPLE! You meet so many on the entertainment scene. A lot of people get away with being fake because they put on an act that fools a lot of people.

If you could change one thing about yourself, what would it be?
C: I would change my teeth. I want veneers, but not ones that make you look like a horse!
L: I want bum implants, but I’m scared of them exploding like you hear in those horror stories!
What’s been the most embarrassing thing you’ve done in your life?
C: I vomited all over myself in the middle of a packed club after drinking a bottle of sambuca!
L: I had the runs once and soiled my pants! I was driving at the time and couldn’t get back home fast enough!


Coming out

When did you first know you were gay?
C: I knew from about seven. I used to colour-in Page Three girls!
L: I knew I was transgender at eight, but I’ve always been attracted to girls, even after I changed.
When did you come out?
C: I was 32.
L: I changed gender at 55 and got a girlfriend, so I guess that’s when people saw me as lesbian.
Who was the first person you told you were gay, and what was their reaction?­
C: All my friends at work, but they kind of guessed, as I was dating a drag queen at the time and didn't like seeing her out of drag.
L: I first told my sister that I was trans.

What would you say to a youngster trying to come to terms with their own sexuality?
C: Always have a good circle of friends or family around you. Always remember it's your life - you have to do what makes you happy.
L: Just be you. Ignore the haters. As long as you’re happy, that’s all that matters.
Have you ever had any experiences with the opposite sex?
C: Yes, but I faked it like a porn star!
L: Oh god no!


Your career

When you were younger, what did you want to be?
C: I wanted to be a vet, but couldn't bear the thought of putting animals down. Plus, I couldn't put my hand up a cow's bum with these nails!
L: To be me - ie, to change gender.
What was your first job when you left school?
C: A podium dancer in my knickers!
L: An electro plater - boring but good money!

What’s your job role now?
Together: DJs!

What are the challenges in your job?
Together: To be the best at what we do and always stand out, with both the way we look and our sound.

What are the highlights?
Together: Making people happy - it’s the best high ever!

Where do you see yourselves in five years’ time?
Together: We will have our own club and be plastic surgery-ed to the max!


Gay scene

How long have you been frequenting the Midlands gay scene?
For about 18 months.

And what's been your fondest memory of the scene?
The amount of lovely people we’ve met who are now close friends of ours.

Who’s your favourite cabaret act on the scene?
Miss Penny!

Who’s your favourite person on the scene?
Our daddy bear, Andrew King, from The Fox.

What do you most enjoy about the scene?
Everyone is so friendly, and all the bars work together to create an amazing and positive space for the gay community. We also love the amount of lovely spaces to sit outside, even in the winter!

How would you change the scene?
Make it bigger!


Time out
Where do you like to go on a night out?

Together: We go on a pub crawl: Missing, The Loft, The Fox, Sidewalk, Eden, and then we finish in The Nightingale.

What do you do to relax?
Kill zombies on my PS4.
L: Shop on eBay.

What do you enjoy on TV?
Into The Dark.
L: Slasher.

Which one website do you spend the most time on?
Anything for fierce costumes or wigs for our job!

What was the last album or track you bought?
Sharon Needle’s Battle Axe.

What type of holiday do you prefer?
A beach holiday with cocktails and a jacuzzi!



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