Let's Talk: Adulting life hacks
Posted on 28 Feb 2020

Being an adult is hard and there’s no manual. If you’re anything like me, it can sometimes feel like you’re constantly behind on everything - and looking a mess while being so! But what I’ve come to realise is that half of being an adult is just looking like you have your shit together. That’s what everyone else is doing… looking the part!

If you can do even the basic life essentials or at least fake it, you’re doing great, sweetie. Try out some of these - they make me look like a bloody adulting pro.

Always moisturise, preferably using a moisturiser with sunscreen. The thing that will age you most is UV. And also, soft skin is hot (an actual review I got from a lover recently, so it’s not bullshit!).

Carry a water bottle and drink loads of water. It’s amazing for your skin and hair, and it also makes you look like you care about your wellbeing. They don’t need to know there’s vodka in there sometimes.

Bag essentials. Some nice smelly spray, wet wipes, lipsalve/ lipstick, breath spray. You can combat so many scenarios with these four gems - let your imagination run wild.

Putting away as little as £5 a week will make you ‘someone with savings’. Increase or decrease depending on how much alcohol and/or how many cigarettes you need to get you through the week.

Continuing to drink on a hangover is the only way you will get through it. It’s tried and tested - I don’t make the rules. *I won’t be held accountable for loss of job and/or family arguments caused by you being a piss-head.

Carry around a portable phone-charger. You need your phone juiced for those awkward moments alone in public, to save your anxiety.

Cook all your meals at home and take them with you. I know takeaways are the bollocks and you probably don’t know how to season your food correctly, but this is adult life. Embrace the herbs & spices and watch your bank account blossom.

Keep a diary with all your appointments and things to do for that week. You won’t ever need to keep things in your head again. Keep that free for the important things, like politics and porn.

Tidy house equals tidy mind. While you’re at it, declutter all the shit you’re hoarding. Voila, now there’s more space to hoard new shit.

Don’t be afraid to ask your friends for help and for their life hacks. Communication is key, and they don’t have a fucking clue either.

Congratulations, you’ve just graduated in adulting!
Lots of love, Lacey X


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