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Posted on 29 Mar 2019

Self-help section with your Fairy godmother Lacey Lou...

7 things you NEED to know!​

Life. It’s a strange old thing that just keeps on happening whilst we potter about doing our various bits and pieces. 

I don’t know about you, but the ups and downs of life can get a little exhausting at times, and the insignificant aspects of it are what I focus my energy on way too much, sometimes until those aspects become all-consuming. 

But what’s the thing that matters the most? It’s something that money usually can’t buy: our mental wellbeing. So join me this month on a self-love journey to a healthier mental state. I hope this helps anyone and everyone who’s needing it at the moment. Let’s realign those chakras, bab. 

Is your job a root of your unhappiness? Leave it. 

Start taking steps to move onto something better that brings you up, not down. Network and make connections with people who can help you onto your next job. Take a step down in responsibility or pay if possible, and then use that time of less stress to work on your next move and propel yourself forward. Seize those dreams about what you want to achieve; make them a reality.

Are the people in your social circle good for you? 

Friends are your chosen family when it comes to support, love, the sharing of memories or bottles of wine (insert hangover). Does one person suck the air from the room all the time? Do they make you anxious? Do you feel you can’t trust them? If so, then bye, bitch! Life’s too short. Pay attention to the people who’re making an effort to be in your life - there are potential friendships blossoming there!


Do you love yourself? 

Loving yourself is knowing your strengths and weaknesses and doing the work to become the best version of you. It’s all about believing in yourself and being your biggest supporter. If you do love yourself, then well effing done and keep at it. If you don’t, think about why you don’t. Leave any guilt in the past; you can’t change things but you can learn from them. Don’t be ashamed of yourself in any way; you’re the way you are for a reason - and in the words of the queen, Lady Gaga, herself: ‘I’m beautiful in my way, ’cause God makes no mistakes’. Poetry!

What do you see when you look in the mirror? 

Your mind is going to focus on the ‘flaws’ first - but what is a flaw? 
Nothing you see on your body is something to be ashamed of. Advertisers dictate to us what ‘flaws’ are so that we’ll buy their shit products. Maybe you’re lumpy, have stretch marks, are big, are skinny, 
have acne or eczema etc - everyone has something, and it’s entirely normal! Don’t spend time focusing on these ‘flaws’; they’re not flaws, they’re your body and it’s smashing, babes.

Are you creatively fulfilled? 

It’s so hard to try and make time to go to events. We finish work and it’s so much more appealing to stay in on the sofa and eat our weight in takeaway. For some, worries about money is also a factor. I hear you, sister. Get on the socials and look at what’s happening in the city. Follow the pages and get updates - there are always great things going on, and many don’t cost a penny. Pick up the leaflets and booklets when you’re in town - they’re a great way to find out what’s going on too.

Do money worries dominate your thoughts?

This is probably one of the worst anxieties. Some situations can’t be helped by being thrifty alone, but some of the following recommendations, which certainly helped me, may be useful! 
For starters, cut down on the eating out (easy, tiger). A big food shop for the week, with planned meals and things you’ve always fancied cooking, will help save so much money -  and cooking can be very relaxing. This way, you can also make lunch for work and coffee ‘to go’ in the morning. The savings add up! Transport is always a killer for me - I’ll think of any excuse to get a taxi and not the bus. Apps like city mapper really help take away public-transport anxiety, providing detailed routes home from your exact location. 

Do you struggle with self-confidence issues? 
Lack of self-confidence can be a real problem at work, events and social gatherings. It’s the voice in your head telling you that you aren’t good enough. But it’s not a real voice and you can choose whether or not to give it any airtime. You’re there in that work role for a reason, so believe in yourself like your colleagues do. You’ve attended the event or social gathering to have fun - no one is thinking you shouldn’t be there or that they aren’t interested in you. The more you ignore this voice, the quieter it gets as you build up that self-confidence. 

2019 is the year of self love; you’ve got this!
Lacey x

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