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Posted on 28 Feb 2020

Now you’ve made your plans for Birmingham Fetish Weekend, it’s time to stock up your gear - so check out our top picks from our friends at Clonezone. Head to their website - - or get along to their Birmingham store to pick up your pieces!


Harnesses are the perfect way to begin (or finish off) your kink outfit.  We love Fetish Gear’s Solid Colour Leather H-Front Chest Harness in Blue (£94.99) with matching Locker Room Jockstrap (£12.99). If you’re looking for a more timeless piece to be dressed up or down, check out the Titus Deluxe Double Stitching H-Front Chest Harness (£99.99).

Rubber and Latex

As one of the most popular fetishes around, it’s no surprise that rubber and latex pieces are in plentiful supply at Clonezone.  The SPARTA Tauro Latex Chest Harness (£52) in eye-popping pink is a stand-out piece. But if you’re feeling extra brave, try out the Invincible Rubber PIG jock strap (£32.99)! 


Clonezone stock the world famous Mister S, known for their high-quality handmade leather pieces. As one of the brand’s most popular items, the Outside Zip Leather Chaps (£399.99) is a classic piece that will work well for any leather look. If you fancy trying something different, then the Black Leather Kilt (£459.99) will definitely get people’s heads turning.

Puppy Play

Whether someone’s been a good boy or they’re in the doghouse, Clonezone has just what you need if you’re looking to give a dog a bone(r).
Alongside plenty of puppy tail butt plugs and collars, Clonezone stock a wide range of Mr S Leather Neoprene Puppy Hoods (£109.99-£139.99) in every colour you can imagine!

Skin Gear

If you’re a fan of the rough & ready, Bleachers & CO offer a wide range of Skin Gear to suit all your skinhead needs.
If you’re feeling cheeky (see what we did there!), why not give their Skinny Fit Jeans with a Rear Zipper (£79.99) a try. Or if you want to make more of a statement, their Classic Blue & Bleach Levi's Skinny Fit Jean with Rear Zipper (£99.99) will do the trick!


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